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Pen Display

10.1-inch Pen &
 Touch Display
  • Write, draw, annotate, and sign electronic documents directly on screen
  • 10.1" Full HD LCD with hardened surface for great durability and a paper-like feel
  • Multi-touch functionality for easy navigation and support for common gestures
  • HDMI video interface seemlessly integrates into any system
  • Enhanced cable protection to prevent accidental disconnections
  • Compatible with supported Citrix, VMWare, and Linux systems
  • Supports VCP (Virtual Com Port) connection for use in legacy VDI/RDS environments
  • VESA mounting holes allow for use with 3rd party arms and stands
15.6-inch Pen Display for Business

  • Outstanding performance and reliability through proven, premium and market-leading digital pen display technology
  • Superb ease of use with no shrinking/scrolling when viewing and signing full screen A4 & letter-sized documents
  • Low maintenance and long-life thanks to the highly durable, scratch resistant writing surface
  • Lower document fraud risk through enhanced security and verification with state-of-the-art AES 256 / RSA 2048 encryption
  • Flexible and comfortable usage with the ability to switch between landscape and portrait mode to view and sign A4/letter size digital documents within business workflows
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through the premium quality and highly intuitive pen and paper-like user experience
  • Clean, clutter-free workspace with simplified cable management through the 3-in-1 connector cable
  DTK-2451 / DTH-2452
24-inch Pen Display

  • Optimal user comfort with the large 23.8” color LCD panel that offers a generous working area and a wide viewing angle
  • Biometrically-accurate input precision with 2048 levels of digital pen pressure for precise drawing, writing, and annotating, plus enhanced biometric signature capture
  • Flexible display options with support for both analog and digital connections with DVI-I pass through connections and HDCP compliance
  • Versatile usage in any working environment with a flexible stand, allowing the device to be used at multiple angles, and built-in standard VESA mounts to allow the use of 3rd-party stands
  • Intuitive navigation with support for common gestures through multi-touch functionality (DTH-2452 only)
  • Ease of use is enhanced with 4 user-assignable ExpressKeys to access common functions or tools, plus an integrated USB port to provide easy access to users’ favorite USB devices
10.1-inch Pen Display

  • Optimal user comfort with the 10.1”, 1024 x 600 resolution, color LCD panel that allows easy document viewing and signing
  • Secure transactions enabled by advanced AES256/RSA2048 encryption
  • Unique hardware ID (UID) to identify the exact unit used for any transaction
  • Minimal installation clutter with a single USB cable that supplies power and data, minimizing clutter at the counter or point-of-sale
  • Highly accurate signatures and writing with the patented Wacom cordless and battery-free pen, featuring 512 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Flexible working position via a slim profile that allows the device to be used flat on the counter, or at an angle with the integrated stand. VESA mounting holes allow for mounting options or the use of third-party arms and stands
  • Kensington® Security Slot to secure the unit when needed
  • Outstanding durability via the scratch-resistant hardened cover glass that provides easier viewing in different lighting conditions
10.1-inch Pen Display

  • 10.1” LCD boasts full color, full HD resolution (1920x1080) and wide viewing angle
  • Patented, cordless, battery-free pen with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity for premium signing/writing experience
  • Single USB cable installation. USB cable supplies video, power and USB data
  • State-of-the-art encryption to ensure secure transactions
  • 4 capacitive-touch ExpressKeys can be assigned to common functions
  • Hardened, anti-glare surface provides high durability and easier viewing in different lighting conditions
  • Unique hardware ID (UID) to identify the exact unit used for any transaction
  • Kensington® Security Slot to secure the unit when needed
  • Standard VESA mounts allow you to use third-party arms and stands

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