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Network Reader

  • General Purpose: Four input (0-40 VDC) and four output (0-48 VDC, 0.25 amp) circuits, powered via PoE or DC input (500mA, 12 VDC)
  • RF Characteristics
    • Antenna Connections: Four reverse-polarity (RP) TNC ports configurable for mono- or bi- static operation. Antenna fault detection and auto-tuning for best performance
    • Output Power: 1 to 30 dBm, configurable in 1dB steps (calibrated above 9dBm)
    • Frequency Ranges: FCC (902-928 MHz) and ETSI (865-868 MHz), factory configured
  • Connectivity
    • Communications: 10/100 BaseT Ethernet RS232, USB for Configuration
    • Input Power: PoE (802.3 at compliant) DC Power Input (12 VDC ±5%, 30W), Sealed/Locking Connection. Requires optional Intermec 100/240 VAC converter
  • Optional Expanded Memory
    • Support for embedded C# .NET and Java applications
    • 96 MB of Flash applicaion memory
    • 96 MB of Flash data storage
    • 64 MB of available RAM
Handheld RFID Reader

  • RFID Frequency Ranges: 865 and 915 MHz bands supporting multiple regional configurations
  • Communication Interface to Handheld Computer: Bluetooth
  • Compatible Handheld Computers: CN70, CN70e, CK70, CK71, CK3B, CK3X
  • Antenna Type: Linear polarized
  • Antenna Field: 70-degree cone (approx.) measured from nose of device
  • Typical Read Range: (tag and environment dependent) 6.09 cm to 609.6 cm+ (0.2 ft. to 20 ft.+)
  • Typical Write Range: (tag and environment dependent) 30.5 cm to 182.9 cm+ (1 ft. to 6 ft.+)
  • Power: Removable Lithium–ion battery pack (2400 mAh)
Vehicle Mount RFID Reader
  • RF Characteristics
    • Antenna Connections: Four mono-static RF ports. FCC -Reverse SMA. ETSI - Standard SMA.
    • Output Power: 10 to 30 dBm, adjustable in 1 dBm calibrated increments
    • Frequency Ranges: FCC (902-928 MHz) or ETSI (865-868 MHz), factory configured to meet regional regulatory requirements
  • Compatible Intermec Vehicle Mount Computers: CV30; CV41; CV60; CV61
  • Communications Interface: RS232
  • Software: Application software for IV7 will reside on the “host” vehicle-mount computer. Application program interface (API), Basic Reader Interface (BRI), demonstration and example applications software are included in the RFID Resource Kit, available through Intermec’s Developers’ Library.
  • Standard Features: 4 Antenna Connections; 4 General Purpose Inputs/ 4 Outputs