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Tuesday, March 01, 2022

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What Is a POS Touch Monitor?
How Does a POS Touch Monitor Work?
Features of a POS Touch Monitor in the Philippines
Brief History About POS Touch Monitor

The Advantages of Using a POS Touch Monitor in the Philippines
Tips in Buying a POS Touch Monitor in the Philippines
How To Install Your POS System With the POS Touch Monitor?
Where To Purchase POS Touch Monitor in the Philippines

What Are the POS Touch Monitors You Can Buy at Grand Tech Int’l Ent. Corp.?

Using a POS Touch Monitor in the Philippines and Its Benefits for Your Business


Your inventory is one of the main essential aspects when it comes to running your business as it shows you the complete list of goods you have in stock. This is why you must create a proactive, accurate, and efficient management system for your company. If you can create a workflow that is well ordered, you can also ensure your business target goals are met without compromising your cash flow or running out of products.
One way to effectively track your inventory is by adopting point-of-sale (POS) systems for your business. Having a POS system helps speed up your checkout process significantly. Aside from that, you get to have a centralized database for your products, pricing, and customer details, which helps you easily calculate your sales.
Because of their versatility, POS system tools can be used for a variety of operations, such as payroll, sales reports, inventory, or loyalty programs. One of the helpful tools in your POS system is a POS touch monitor. You can use this device to improve the customer service experience by accurately inputting all the relevant details from every transaction.
If you´re looking for an affordable and premium-quality POS touch monitor in the Philippines, EC Line can help. Through Grand Tech Int´l Ent. Corp., you can purchase a POS touch monitor for your business. EC Line also delivers other products, including POS tablets, POS terminals, cash drawers, and pole displays.

What Is a POS Touch Monitor? 

A point-of-sale touch monitor, often called a POS monitor, is a tool that allows business owners to record the time and place when a sale is conducted. It also takes note of the items bought from your store or the services you have provided. Additionally, you could provide customers with a receipt of their transactions that clearly states how much they paid for a product or service when using this device.

How Does a POS Touch Monitor Work? 

A POS touch monitor is intended to be more durable than a smartphone or tablet. However, the touch screen system is sensitive enough to accept input from a stylus, finger, gloved hand, or pen.
There are many different touch screen technologies incorporated in POS touch monitors, such as:

Resistive Touch Screens 

This type of touch screen monitor uses a glass panel and film screen separated by a narrow gap. Once someone touches a resistive touch screen, the two layers will connect, and the change in voltage will detect your action.

Surface Capacitive Touch Screens 

A POS touch monitor using a surface capacitive touch screen utilizes a surface capacitive screen display with a transparent electrode film over a glass substrate. The static electric ge from the finger will create a reaction to the screen, determining the touchpoint.

Projected Capacitive Touch Screens 

Although they are similar to surface capacitive touch screens, projected capacitive touch screen offers several advantages. It is capable of multi-touch activation, and the screens can be activated by a finger covered in plastic or cotton gloves.

Infrared (IR) Touch Screens 

An infrared POS touch monitor is more durable than other POS touch screens as it operates by utilizing an invisible grid of infrared light beams. Once a finger touch breaks the grid, the screen software immediately identifies the spot where the beam was broken.

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Touch Screens

This type of POS touch monitor is similar to infrared touch screen monitors due to the same advantages. However, the SAW touch screen monitor uses a grid of ultrasonic sound waves to locate the touchpoint.

Features of a POS Touch Monitor in the Philippines 

The POS touch screen monitor has two main components: the touch screen monitor and the POS system´s software.

Touch Screen Monitor 

The touch screen monitor is usually larger and has more durable hardware than tablets and smartphones. Most POS touch monitors use LCD touch screens that are surrounded by a hard plastic frame. Although many shops use a 15-inch LCD monitor, your monitor´s screen size may vary depending on your needs.
In addition, they consist of other features not usually found on smartphones or tablets. A POS touch monitor can let you connect to several peripheral devices, including barcode scanners, keyboards, security cameras, and cash drawers.

POS System Software 

POS software systems are used in performing numerous tasks, including conducting transactions or placing and receiving orders from customers.
There are various POS software systems that you can install for your POS touch monitor, such as:

Brief History About POS Touch Monitor 

The emergence of touch screen technology paved the way for the development of POS touch monitors. This is because it is one of the most simple and intuitive computer interfaces, letting users explore computer systems by touching the icons.
Eric A. Johnson designed the first touchscreen in 1965. Johnson defined his invention as the capacitive touchscreen in his first article, Touch Display—A Novel Input/Output Device for Computers. It employs a glass-coated insulator in which the user´s finger works as a conductor, causing the capacitance of the conducting layer to be disrupted.
Since then, there have been developments with gadgets that utilize touchscreen. However, it wasn´t until June 1979 did Gene Mosher develop the first color-graphical user interface and touch screen in POS using an Atari 520ST.

The Advantages of Using a POS Touch Monitor in the Philippines

Having a POS touch monitor for your business has several advantages, including:


Since they have fewer moving parts, POS touch monitors are more dependable than their mechanical counterparts. After all, POS systems with mechanical buttons are the most prone to failure. If a particle of dirt or debris is stuck behind a key, you may not be able to use it until it has been disassembled and cleaned. This is not the case with POS touch monitors because they rely on touch commands.

Ease of Signing 

Accepting client signatures has been simplified by using a POS touch monitor. Most restaurants, for example, require their guests to sign their names on a printed receipt. This is a time-consuming process since the employee must enter all the information and then wait for the printed paper. You may even end up spending more money in the process. However, by using a POS touch display, customers may now sign their names digitally on the screen, making it easier and more convenient.

Quick Processing of Transactions 

Suppose your business is using a POS touch monitor along with a touchscreen POS system. In this case, you´ll be able to process customer transactions more quickly than others who still use the traditional systems. There was even a report completed by Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories that discusses how utilizing touchscreens improves the speed of the transaction process by an average of 20%.

Employee Management 

The newer and more complex POS systems that accurately manage employee data distinguish POS touch displays from their mechanical equivalents. With the right POS system, you can integrate information about your workers in the POS touch monitor. This allows you to view which personnel are on duty, how long their working hours are, and more.

Increased Credibility 

When combined with a built-in touchscreen system, a POS touch monitor can make your business more credible. The use of the latest technology shows your customers that your company is more advanced than its competitors.

Are you thinking of adding a POS touch monitor to your latest technological advancement? Contact Grand Tech Int´l Ent. Corp. now! We can provide you with a wide range of POS touch monitors in the Philippines to choose from.

Tips in Buying a POS Touch Monitor in the Philippines 

Here are some factors to be concerned about when buying POS touch monitors:

Screen Type 

Picking a POS touch monitor with a clear image is critical. Your monitor must display a high-definition visual, and the color must be bright enough for you to clearly read and decipher the text and graphics.
It would also be best to have a POS touch monitor with a high-definition LCD. Aside from being cheaper than AMOLED displays, they offer the best viewing angle without any color distortion or shifting.

Screen Size 

POS touch monitor´s screen display comes in various sizes, but you must select one that is large enough to meet your demands. It does not have to be a massive screen, but it must be big enough to allow data processing.
Moreover, the screen display must be adjusted to a comfortable viewing angle. The frame must also be sturdy enough to protect the LCD screen from damage.

Ease of Use 

To take full use of the benefits of POS touch monitors, the device you choose must be easy to use. It must be effortless for you and your staff to access. Aside from that, they need to have an intuitive user interface for easy navigation.

Software Features 

You have two software options for your POS touch monitor: on-premises software and cloud-based software.
On-premises software is often installed on a local workstation and runs internally, despite accessing the internet. On the other hand, cloud-based software operates from the cloud and is not bound to any system.
Your choice between the two can be affection by numerous things, including budget, integration support, and flexibility. On-premises systems are best if you want total control over your data. However, cloud-based software is ideal if you value easy access from anywhere.


Look for a POS touch monitor that is within your budget and has all the features you want. One approach is to look into models from several suppliers and evaluate their pricing vis a vis their quality. If you find the one you´re looking for, it´s best to take advantage of sale promotions or discounts when purchasing it to save money.

How To Install Your POS System With the POS Touch Monitor? 

  1. Install the POS software on your computer or other compatible devices.
  2. Enter your company´s details, product or service information, categories, prices, and more.
  3. Integrate your POS touch monitor with the software. You can also do this with other hardware components, such as a receipt printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, etc.
  4. Set up all available payment options.
  5. Sync your POS system with the inventory, account management system, and other devices.

Where To Purchase POS Touch Monitor in the Philippines 

Grand Tech Int´l Ent. Corp is a company you can turn to for POS touch monitors in the Philippines. We strive to contribute to the growth of retail transactions in today´s world, which is why we offer IT products that exceed our clients´ expectations.
Through our partnership with EC Line, a well-known producer and distributor of POS peripherals for retail systems, we provide a comprehensive range of POS touch monitors.

What Are the POS Touch Monitors You Can Buy at Grand Tech Int’l Ent. Corp.? 


The EC-TS-1210 is our smallest POS touch monitor, featuring a five-wire resistive technology, multiple mounting choices, and touchscreen technology that can be activated with gloved hands. This device also has a drip-proof LCD display enclosure, built-in speakers, and on-screen display controls.


If you prefer a slightly larger POS touch monitor, you might want to consider the EC-TS-1510. Its features include a 15-inch LCD panel, XGA resolution, a five-wire resistive touch screen, and a USB interface.


Although this one shares the same size as the EC-TS-1510, it supports a VGA video input and has a multilingual OSD menu. Other features of the EC-TS-1515 include:


The EC-TS-1710 is our largest high-performance POS touch monitor. It has a 17-inch LED panel and authentic bezel-free design, making it an ergonomic style for different industries.


Experts are constantly developing new pieces of technology each day. This is why businesses continuously take on different approaches to adapt to the latest updates and trends. With the help of a reliable and advanced POS system, operations have been running at full speed, and processes have been shortened.
However, a POS system is not complete without compatible hardware, and one piece of hardware that you can invest in is a POS touch monitor. Aside from their convenience, you don´t need much training to learn how to use this one.
Get in touch with Grand Tech Int´l Ent. Corp. now for your POS touch monitor needs in the Philippines. We look forward to hearing from you.