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Monday, May 02, 2022

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POS Terminals and Their Specifications
How Do POS Terminals Benefit Banks?
The Complete POS System for Banks
Tips for Training Your Bank Tellers To Use New POS Terminals
Where Can You Purchase Reliable POS Terminals in the Philippines?

POS Terminals: Making Banking Easier in the Philippines 


Transacting with banks has become a regular occurrence in many Filipinos’ lives because of the usefulness of the services offered by these institutions. For example, having a savings account helps us set aside funds in preparation for our future. It also makes transactions more convenient, especially if one needs to send cash to relatives or pay for online orders. With the benefits one can get from bank products and services, there is no question why many people visit these establishments daily.
Sometimes because of the number of people transacting in banks, people think they need to go there earlier to finish their errands quicker. However, through the years, many banks have invested in POS terminals to make transactions faster and smoother. These machines have helped make clients more satisfied with the services they receive, resulting in more transactions.
With the helpfulness of these POS machines, it isn’t a surprise that many banks purchase them. If you’re looking for a reliable store for such devices, Grand Tech Int’l. Ent. Corp. can help you. We are a POS terminal provider in the Philippines, and we offer reliable products from EC Line. Enhance your bank’s systems today by investing in our products!

POS Terminals and Their Specifications 

There are many options of POS terminals you can choose from, each having its specifications. These devices can be used by the clients and your bank´s staff.
Upgrade the way your bank handles transactions now using the EC Line POS terminals we offer:


This POS terminal model works with the operating system Android 5.1. The EC-AM-102-58 has a 10.1-inch monitor with a 1366 x 768 resolution. It has a 1-gigabyte memory and a storage capacity of 4 gigabytes, which is ideal for storing data that doesn’t have too much information.
To gain access to the internet, you can simply use the ethernet LAN port if you need a stable connection. Otherwise, you can use its built-in wireless module.
You can also print receipts with the built-in thermal printer, which is very helpful for businesses. Known as the standard width for retail stores and restaurants, 58mm-wide papers are ideal for this device.


With similar specifications to the previous model, this unit has a thermal printer that can print on 80mm papers, which are widely in the banking and retail industries. Aside from that, you may connect this device using Bluetooth, making it handier in case you need to transfer data.
A unique acteristic the EC-AM-102-80 has is that it supports NFC, which allows wireless data transfers. All you have to do is place an NFC-capable device or card on top of it to use this feature. You can also add some accessories by adding a camera, magnetic card reader, or 3G module or upgrade the memory to a 2-gigabyte RAM and the storage to 8 gigabytes.


If you prefer a bigger screen for your POS terminal, you can get this unit instead. The EC-VP-1100 has a 15-inch screen that can help make the text displayed more readable. However, it does not have all the EC-AM-102-80 features. Instead, it has other model specification you can utilize, like the fingerprint sensor to enhance the security of your device.
The EC-VP-1100 has a housing made out of die-casting aluminum as well as an IP66 certification, making it highly dust- and water-resistant. What makes it even better is that its cables are hidden, giving you a clean-looking space.


For establishments that handle larger volumes of data, choose the EC-1200 for its memory of 2 gigabytes that can be upgraded to 4. It also has an SSD storage of 32 gigabytes, which you can optionally change to 64 or 128 for more space.
Like some of the previous POS terminals, this machine also has a LAN port that will allow you to connect it to the internet. However, what makes it different from the others is its screen size of 12.1 inches. It also has 4 USB 2.0 inputs and an audio port for speakers as well as a microphone.


Like the previous POS terminal, the EC-1519 can be upgraded to 4 gigabytes for its memory and up to 128 gigabytes for its storage. The feature it has different now is its screen size which is 15 inches. With this terminal, you can even connect a mouse and a keyboard if you need their functions. Furthermore, you can get this machine with optional peripherals, such as the 3-track magnetic reader, a customer display module, and a 10.4-inch LCD 2nd display module.


If you are looking for a POS terminal that can work with bigger files, go for this model because its storage can be upgraded to up to 8 gigabytes. Additionally, it can work under operating systems like Windows 7, POS Ready7, Window 8.1, Industry Pro Retail 8.1, and Linux (Ubuntu).
Like many EC Line POS terminals available at Grand Tech, this unit also has a LAN port that can connect the device to the internet. However, you can also use its optional expansion to allow wireless linking.

For detailed information about the EC Line POS terminals we offer, you may browse through them here. You also have the option of getting in touch with our team today!

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