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Tuesday, March 01, 2022

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What Is a POS Software?
The Different Types of POS Software in the Philippines
The Importance of Installing POS Software in the Philippines
Tips in Choosing POS Software in the Philippines
Where Can You Integrate Your POS Software in the Philippines?
EC Line Hardware Products You Can Use for Installation of Your POS Software

Why You Should Consider Installing the Right POS Software in the Philippines


Installing a point-of-sale (POS) system for your business has many benefits, such as quick processing of sales transactions, efficient inventory management, and automated manual tasks. This is heavily supported by a 2015 study conducted by Matthew Cote. According to Cote, utilizing a POS system helps improve a business´ growth, profit, and customer service because of the real-time provision of data and reports.
A POS system is composed of different components, and one of them is POS software. Choosing the right POS software for your system is crucial to your business. After all, this is where you´ll be processing all your transactions.
However, if you already have the proper POS software in the Philippines, and you´re having a hard time choosing POS hardware that suits your needs, count on Grand Tech Int´l Ent. Corp. We have partnered with EC Line to provide you with POS hardware products, such as POS monitors, pole displays, and POS tablets.

What Is a POS Software? 

A POS software is one of the main components that comprise a POS system. It´s composed of two parts: front end and back end. The front end is where all transactions are processed, while the back end provides access to analytics, sales figures, inventory, and other relevant details.
Although a POS system cannot function alone without a hardware add-on, there are rare instances where it can. A few examples of this would be barcode scanners and card readers. If you install a barcode scanner or card reader software on your computer, you can simply upload a picture of the QR code for the application to quickly scan the details without requiring you to invest in other POS accessories.
Furthermore, a POS software includes the following outstanding features that can contribute to the further development of your business:

The Different Types of POS Software in the Philippines 

Because the POS software is the digital technology program you need to access information, you must select the right one for your business.
There are three main POS software options that you can choose from. These are:

Cloud-Based POS Software

This type of POS software is the most popular option among businesses because of its easy installation, affordability, and online accessibility. A cloud-based POS software provides a real-time record of transactions, making you access the data quickly anywhere and anytime. However, you must have a stable internet connection to update the software and sync the data directly to the cloud.
A cloud POS software is best suited for businesses that:
  1. Want direct access to inventory, sales, and reporting data from anywhere
  2. Prefer saving up on hardware costs
  3. Require a flexible setup

On-Premises POS Software

An on-premises POS software is a legacy server-based software that offers a stable connection. To utilize this software, you must have it licensed, and the entire instance of the software should reside within the organization´s premises. However, this can be expensive because it provides more security than cloud POS software.
In addition, this software consists of resources that are deployed in-house and within an enterprise´s IT infrastructure. This is to maintain the solution and all the other related processes. Aside from that, enterprises can retain all their data, gaining complete control and access to anything that happens to the POS system.

Hybrid POS Software

Some POS systems have hybrid POS software, meaning you can easily access the data through a cloud system and store them in a local server. This software type can also be referred to as multichannel POS software because of its integration and business data management from one place to another.
Hybrid POS software is beneficial for business owners who have both an online store and a physical store. Aside from that, they help product-based businesses avoid stockouts by accurately syncing inventory levels across different channels, especially as the lines between online and offline commerce intertwine.

These POS software options are compatible with any POS hardware product. However, if you´re still unsure, Grand Tech Int´l Ent. Corp. can help. We have a team of experts you can contact immediately for your inquiries.

The Importance of Installing POS Software in the Philippines

Your decision in choosing the most beneficial POS software for your business will depend on the industry you´re in as well as your business size, budget, and required features. Here are the reasons why you should install POS software for your system:

Integration of Business Processes

Installing a POS software can help easily integrate your system with other business programs to simplify your operations. For example, if you have an existing piece of POS hardware and want to create a reliable system that can track your sales report, you can connect a POS accounting software to it. This way, you can quickly automate your sales data and billing operations.

Tracking of Data Reports

Making a record of your data reports and business progress is crucial. Inventory management helps companies identify all the stocks you must order, as well as how much you have purchased. This is why you must ensure that there´s always enough stock of products to fulfill customer orders. In this case, you can install cloud-based POS software for your system. This way, you can have real-time data tracking of your items.

Monitoring of Inventory

Automatic inventory management and monitoring is a useful practice for organizations. After all, utilizing only your intuition and insight are insufficient to manage a thriving business. To make sound company decisions and devise successful plans for the future, you need precise figures and information.
When you have a dependable POS system, you don´t have to worry about manually verifying your inventory. This enables you to perform the following tasks with ease:

Managing of Employees 

Employee management as a whole helps workers perform at their best and accomplish company goals. It encompasses all aspects of human resources, such as payroll administration, staff recruiting, performance review, and so on.
If you have a POS system with this function, you can manage employee information, track generated sales, and monitor each staff member´s working hours. Your POS system may also have a time-in option that allows you to clock in and out using a PIN. Furthermore, you may use it to identify and reward high-performing teams in order to inspire them to do even better in the future.

Incorporation of Customer Management Techniques

According to Forbes, 90% of CEOs believe that customers impact their business most. Not only do their purchases affect a company’s sales, but how they view your enterprise also influences your enterprise’s success.
These reasons are why many company’s now invest in systems that help handle customer relations to ensure their success. With strategic customer management, companies can build lasting relationships with their clients and grow.
That´s why if you need to collect information to distinguish loyal consumers from new ones, you may rely on POS systems to accomplish so. Customer management features may be integrated into your operations using this collection of hardware pieces and software applications. These can include holding special sales and promotions as well as notifying loyal consumers first about promotions and discounts.

Tips in Choosing POS Software in the Philippines

Each POS system has unique features that appeal to different business types. Consider the following aspects when deciding which system to buy for your business:

Know Which Features Are Essential 

A POS system may do more than just increase sales. It can store a large amount of data, link with other platforms, and automate time-consuming tasks like customer management and inventory control. Furthermore, some POS systems even incorporate other services like online ordering, payment alternatives, customer loyalty discounts, and gift cards.
However, you may not need all of these functions right once, especially if you’re just getting started with POS systems. This is why you should first determine the fundamental features you require, as well as those in which you are willing to invest in the future.

Determine Your Budget 

As with any company purchase, you must decide how much you are willing to spend on your POS system. In addition, you should include the cost of software, hardware, and payment processing in your total budget. Doing so can help you prevent overspending.
Getting estimates from several providers is one thing you can do when selecting a POS system for your budget. A quick search for the pricing of each POS system will also allow you to compare them and choose the best one for you.

Consider Your Business Industry 

The POS system you choose for your organization is ultimately determined by the kind of business you have. Knowing how your business industry works might help you drastically cut down your options.
Here are a few things to bear in mind:

Do Your Research About POS Software 

Once you´ve gathered all of the knowledge you need about different types of POS systems, do some research on your options. Aside from comparing their prices and specifications, you can read consumer reviews and watch videos about them online and consider their benefits and drawbacks.

Where Can You Integrate Your POS Software in the Philippines? 

If you are looking for top-quality hardware pieces for your POS system, Grand Tech Int´l Ent. Corp. has got you covered. Our company believes in having a customer-centered frame of mind. Hence, we are dedicated to providing our clients with reliable and high-quality IT products that help advance their retail transactions and exceed their expectations.

EC Line Hardware Products You Can Use for Installation of Your POS Software

Through Grand Tech Int´l Ent. Corp´s partnership with EC Line, we are able to supply the following POS hardware components for our clients to use in conjunction with their existing systems:

Touch Monitor 

Often referred to as a POS monitor, this hardware device enables businesses to record information about a conducted sale. This may include deals on physical goods or services availed by customers. In addition, it has an LCD panel enclosed with a sturdy frame to prevent damage.

POS Tablet 

POS tablets emphasize functionality over anything else. Because of its compact size, you can take orders and process transactions from anywhere inside or outside your shop. It can also be mounted in cases and placed atop a counter if you prefer not having it around.

POS Terminal 

If your company values card payments, you should look into our POS terminal. This electronic device is popular in retail businesses since it immediately takes and processes the cardholder´s payment by scanning the magnetic stripe on the card. It also gives you a printed check as evidence of purchase.

Pole Display

Fast food establishments can significantly benefit from our pole displays. When linked to a POS system, they automatically display item and pricing information to the customer. This reduces their wait time and speeds up the serving of their order.

Box PC 

Our box PC is a high-value device with an industrial-grade aluminum casing. You can integrate this into POS systems that focus on data monitoring and automation, access and inventory control, and digital signage.

Cash Drawer 

When you use a cash drawer in conjunction with your POS system, processing cash transactions becomes easier. This hardware stores card receipts, cash from purchases, and other relevant documents. It also has a retractable cash tray for storing excess money.

POS Printer 

If you need a high-quality printer to print receipts and other information generated by your POS system, count on our POS printers. These devices can print barcodes, images, and logos without any defects or failures in the output.

Programmable Keyboard 

Do you need a keyboard that allows you to program your own keys? You might be interested in our programmable keyboard. This product is intended to enable users to assign custom actions to various keys, including the creation of shortcuts for frequently used functions.

Magnetic Slot Reader (MSR) 

Also referred to as a magstripe reader, this hardware device scans the information encoded on the magnetic stripe at the card´s back. The stripes may contain helpful information such as account numbers, access privileges, and other cardholder details.


Using modern technological solutions can help you optimize your business processes, manage inventories, and increase sales. This is why many industries have adopted POS systems due to their outstanding features in furthering your company´s growth.
At Grand Tech Int´l Corp, we can help you attain all the POS hardware items you may need. Feel free to get in touch with us today for more details.