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Grandtech Int´l Ent Corp @ Pet ExPaw Fest 2018

Saturday, August 25, 2018
As we witnessed the event, we observed a lot of excitements and seminars that we truly appreciated. The speakers of the entire occassion, including us, shared lots of ideas pertaining to what we owned as part of the celebration. As one of the speakers, we offered our products such as Wacom´s Signature Pads and NEC´s POS System at the Registration Booth. We also lend them some ideas of how technology works in advance that they could ever imagine. WACOM SIGNATURE PADS promotes how convinient, easy, and hassle-free the equipment they use to sign during the registration period. Lastly, we offered to the participantsECLINE´s New GPS Tracking Device. Our newly promoted unit caught all the attendees´ attention since it can help them protect their pets.

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